KAI Raids Lagos Motor Parks, Seize Alcohol Worth N2m

In a bid to eradicate the illegal sale and consumption of liquor by motorists and drivers in garages, parks, roadsides, and traffic, the Lagos Environmental Sanitation Corps (LAGESC), popularly known as KAI, has conducted raids resulting in the seizure of liquor drinks worth 2 million naira in Lagos.

LAGESC, under the leadership of Corps Marshal CP Gbemisola Akinpelu (retd), took a proactive stance in addressing the prevalent issue of illegal liquor sales. Recognizing the negative impact and danger posed by the sale and consumption of liquor in public spaces, LAGESC launched raids to curb this unlawful activity.

CP Akinpelu expressed the displeasure of the state government regarding the rampant sale of liquor in garages, motor parks, roadsides, and even in traffic. This alarming trend raises serious concerns about the psychological, mental, and physical well-being of drivers, motorists, and pedestrians. The consumption of alcohol while operating a vehicle poses significant risks and compromises road safety for all road users.

During the raids, LAGESC successfully confiscated liquor drinks worth 2 million naira. CP Akinpelu emphasized that these confiscated items will be handed over to the appropriate authorities for destruction. The process of destruction will be closely monitored by the agency and witnessed by both officials and journalists.

The strict actions taken by LAGESC serve as a deterrent to street traders and vendors who engage in the illicit sale of liquor in unauthorized areas. CP Akinpelu issued a stern warning, stating that the agency will not relent in its efforts to rid the state of this detrimental practice.

The Lagos State Government, through LAGESC, is committed to creating a safe and healthy environment for all residents. By curbing the sale and consumption of liquor in inappropriate locations, the government aims to protect the well-being of drivers, motorists, and pedestrians, as well as maintain order and compliance with existing laws.

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