Kaduna Ministerial Nominee Abbas Balarabe Collapses During Senate Screening

In a shocking turn of events, Abbas Balarabe, the Kaduna State ministerial nominee, suffered a sudden collapse on Wednesday while presenting his profile during the Senate screening process.

Balarabe, who was the second nominee to face confirmation proceedings, fell ill shortly after his turn in front of lawmakers.

As Balarabe fainted, chaos ensued in the Senate Chambers. The Sergeant-At-Arms swiftly ordered journalists to vacate the premises, as the nominee’s health took precedence.

Senator Ishaku Abbo, representing Adamawa North, displayed remarkable heroism as he personally rushed to assist Balarabe and escorted him to the National Assembly Clinic for immediate medical attention.

The gravity of the situation necessitated the immediate dispatch of a wheelchair to the Chamber, as Balarabe was unable to walk unaided. Concerns mounted among Senators and onlookers as they anxiously awaited updates on the nominee’s condition.

Balarabe’s nomination is of significant importance as he was chosen to replace the former governor of Kaduna State, Malam Nasir El-Rufai, whose confirmation was previously declined due to security concerns. This turn of events has raised further questions about the suitability and stability of the new nominee, and his ability to serve in a crucial role for the state.

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