Juliana Olayode, Ex-Manager, Clash Over Social Media Assets

Actress Juliana Olayode, popularly called Toyo Baby, amd former manager, Timilehin Adigun, have clashed on social media over assets.

This is as she accused her former manager of unpublishing her Facebook page and refusing to hand over the passwords to her digital assets.

She said, “ I don’t have the password to my Facebook account because Timilehin Adigun has the password. He still have some of my passwords until now.

“On Saturday, i woke up to a message and a missed call from this guy, he asked me on Whatsapp who Adigun Oluwatimilehin is, I immediately just called him, like what happened, why are you asking me about him and he says that Timilehin Adigun unpublished my Facebook page.

“I have always wanted to get my password from this guy since 2020 but people had different opinions like ‘be quiet’, ‘don’t talk’, ‘heal’.

In response, Adigun faulted the allegations of Olayode, saying, “I do not have any of your passwords. None.

“I did not enter any agreement with you as your manager. We didn’t sign any contract, Juliana, I managed you as your ‘Dad.’ All your passwords, I told you about them. So you should be looking for the book or books where you wrote your passwords.

“I didn’t open any page for you.”

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