Jega Hails Military For Creating NYSC

Professor Attahiru Jega, former Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, has expressed his support for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and emphasized the need for its continuity.

Speaking at the 50th-anniversary lecture of the NYSC in Abuja, Jega praised the NYSC as one of the best schemes introduced by the military and highlighted its significant contributions to fostering national unity and development.

During his address, Jega acknowledged the undeniable achievements of the NYSC in fulfilling its original objectives. He commended the program for successfully bringing young people from diverse backgrounds together, promoting national integration, and contributing to the overall development of Nigeria.

By underscoring the importance of sustaining the NYSC, Professor Jega emphasized the enduring value of the program and its ongoing relevance in building a united and prosperous nation.

His remarks reflect the broader recognition of the NYSC’s positive impact on Nigerian society and the necessity of preserving and strengthening its core principles.

He said “certainly, there have been a lot of accomplishments in the area of national integration and nation building.

“The young men and women have contributed to the Nigerian economy as professionals who have just graduated from universities or tertiary institutions and who are providing cheap labour and national service.”

Jega said he was instrumental to the fostering of relationship between INEC and NYSC to ensure greater involvement and participation of youth corps members in electoral process.

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