Jandor Blames Sanwo-Olu As Headies Awards Leaves Lagos for Atlanta

The governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Olajide Adediran, popularly known as Jandor, has blamed Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu after this year’s Headies Awards was hosted in Atlanta instead of Lagos.

In a statement, Jandor lamented that Lagos not hosting the Headies this year meant a huge loss to the state’s economy.

This he said was due to the lack of support the organisers of the award ceremony got from the state government led by Sanwo-Olu.

He shared on X, “Lagos Entrepreneurs suffer another huge loss as Governor Sanwoolu pioneered the relocation of Headies Awards to Atlanta Georgia.

“I hinted Lagosians on several occasions during the last electioneering campaign about the inherent dangers in continuing to put the economy of Lagos in the hands of someone who had neither run a personal business before nor has had cause to invest his hard earned funds in any economy, nurture and watch such investment grow.

“We did our bit to alert Lagosians on the clear and present danger that lies therein.

“This year, just like in 2022, the government of Lagos has shown continuous support and endorsement of the relocation of the Annual Headies Awards to far away Atlanta Georgia, in the United States of America. Last Year, not only did Lagos State government support such relocation with huge sums of tax payers’ money, Governor Sanwo-Olu graced the occasion in person, danced and merried as such a huge boost to Lagos economy took flight to a foreign land, adding to an economy that is 10 times better off than that of Lagos.

“For those who may be wondering or who may wish to know the implications of this development, let me breakdown what the Sanwo-Olu Government has done in plain terms.

“Each time Lagos hosts an event of such nature, the state experiences influx of tourists and entertainers alike across the globe, especially from the region of Africa.

When they come, they are accommodated in our hotels, ride in our taxis, patronise our restaurants and engage our designers for the red carpet/ paparazzi outfits. Equally, those in the make up and beauty business make huge revenue, so would our younger ones who have found passion in dancing as a career, sound engineers, stage and the creatives. The list is endless.

“Your government did not only encourage the promoter of Headies to take all of these away from Lagos, it funded it with your money.

“That’s exactly what just happened.

“While you can call it a victory dance for the promoters of Headies who are in business to make profit, it is certainly a big blow to the Lagos economy and ancillary businesses therein.

“A good government would do everything possible to convince the promoters, including giving incentives if possible, to ensure such a huge tourist and entertainment booster, does not leave his state.
May God answer our prayers in Lagos State and give us a government all of us can call our own.

“It will happen, better days are just ahead.

“2023 Electioneering process not over yet.”

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