Jakande Allocated No Plot To Self In Banana Island He Conceived – Son

The family of the late former governor of Lagos State, Alhaji Lateef Jakande, have said that despite that Banana Island was conceived by the deceased, he never allocated a single plot to himself.

This was disclosed by Seyi, son to the deceased at the maiden edition of Lateef Jakande Annual Memorial Lecture held at Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos.

Saying his father was selfless while developing Lagos, Seyi said, “People say does he (Jakande) even have a wife? Does he even have children? I had to tell my sister, ‘Won’t we go for DNA?’

“In the years that Alhaji Jakande served as governor of Lagos, with all that he did, he did not allocate or give anything to either his wife or son. She (his wife) stayed with Jakande at the Ilupeju residence. At a time, I asked my dad, from inception as governor, you said there was no money in Lagos, and you built schools and houses.”

He said Jakande while serving as a minister, conceived the idea of developing what is called the Banana Island today.

“He (Jakande) went back to his thinking box and said what are we going to do? They came up with the idea of the Banana Island. As Minister for Works, they took advantage of the waterways and filled them up, sold them to the rich, generated money and subsidised the housing scheme.

“Again, Baba did not even have sand on Banana Island. This was just water. He started Banana Island, created it, and filled it up, and not even (a portion) of sand (was allocated) to his beloved wife or any member of his family.”

At the event, Seyi also urged the state government to rename the Lagos State University at Ojoo after Jakande, saying the institution was the brainchild of his father.

“I want Governor Sanwo-Olu to revisit the discussion (of renaming LASU after Jakande),” he added.

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