It’s Shameful Nigeria Still Generating 4.5GW of Electricity – Nigeria

President Bola Tinubu has voiced his dissatisfaction with Nigeria’s electricity generation, which remains at 4.5GW despite the country’s vast size. He made these remarks during the inauguration of a 31-member Presidential Economic Coordination Council at the Council Chamber in the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

During the event, Tinubu emphasized the necessity for innovative approaches to tackle Nigeria’s economic challenges. He highlighted the critical role of public-private partnerships in spearheading economic reforms and advancing the nation’s development.

Addressing the council, Tinubu called for creative and effective solutions to enhance Nigeria’s economic landscape. He stressed that collaboration between the public and private sectors is essential to drive sustainable economic growth and ensure the country’s progress.

He said, ”We have the challenge of energy security in Nigeria. We need to work together to improve our oil and gas sector, and we must also increase electricity generation and distribution throughout the country.

”We are determined to do that with your cooperation, collaboration, and recommendations. As a nation, it is so shameful that we are still generating 4.5GW of electricity.

”We must increase our oil production to two (2) million barrels per day within the next few months and we are determined to remove all entry barriers to investments in the energy sector while enhancing competitiveness,” the President stated.

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