It’s Provocative to Say Lagos is No Man’s Land – Okupe

Former presidential aide, Doyin Okupe, has said it is erroneous and provocative to declare that Lagos is no man’s land.

Okupe said this in reaction to a social media post by one Aare Kurunmi Kakanfo calling out a user of X social media platform, @jack_ng01, for calling Lagos a no man’s land. @jack_ng01 made the statement in the heat of debate concerning the interference of outsiders in the coming Edo Governorship election.

He shared, “What is this supposed to mean? You won’t see me get involved in any election that does not affect me directly. If it’s not Alaigbo, you can bet your money that I will be neutral. Maybe Lagos and Abuja because I consider both cities no man’s land.”

Vexed by the post, Aare Kurunmi Kakanfo stated that such comment shows a political agenda to conquer Lagos State.

He wrote, “This is what @Jack_ng01 wrote yesterday about Lagos state and the reason why Igbos must transfer their voting bloc from Igboland into Yorùbáland but the Igbos must stay away from Edo elections.

“To him as an Igbo youth, Lagos state is no man’s land therefore Igbos have the rights to take it over while Igbos must respect Edo state because it belongs to the Edo indigenous people.

“This ma:d man will later start lying that they did not call Lagos no man’s land and that there is no political agenda to use democracy to conquer Lagos state by Igbos as their 6th Igbo state in Nigeria.

“The agenda is real and the motion to try this is real. They are well funded and financed for this mission. That is why they are always eager to burn down Lagos state at any slight opportunity.

“Yoruba Ronu must go into our churches, mosques and every aspects of our lives. We must fight this mo:nsters economically and politically at any level. The era is civility is over. It is Yoruba First or nothing!!!!!

“This is what Peter Obi and Gbarebo Shinedu was all about. Using political power to wage a war of conquest against the Yoruba people.

“Yorubas must be radical in protecting our lands and spaces.”

Faulting the statement that Lagos is no man’s land, Okupe responded by stamping the status of Lagos as a Yoruba city.

He said on X, “It is erroneous & provocative to declare Lagos as a ” No man’s land” Lagos is a cosmopolitan Yoruba City, whose indigents & inhabitants are highly civilized, culturally liberal &naturally accommodating, bringing prosperity to all. For the avoidance of doubt it is a YORUBA CITY.”

In a later post, @jack_ng01 said, “There is a difference between Lagos City and Lagos State. Same way I see Enugu City as a no man’s land. Why are y’all triggered. I want my village regarded as no man’s land because that is what will bring development. Any city dominated by indigenous people cannot develop.”

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