It’s Pointless Asking About Body Count – Joeboy

Nigerian singer, Joeboy, has said it is pointless asking for one’s partner’s body count.

Body count means the amount of people one has had sex with.

According to Joeboy, there’s no way to determine the accurate of whatever response one gets from the partner after asking about their body count.

“Asking for body count is pointless. If they tell you that it’s three, how do you know it’s three for real?” Joeboy wrote.

Tweeps on social media have since reacted to his statement, with a cross-section agreeing, while others having their reasons for asking.

wizdon_official01 said, “Body count matters to me, set awon forget my pass.

wealthyforever said, “It’s such a stupid question to ask.

nenyewrites said, “Just listen attentively. You’ll come to learn of their several relationships.

favorbounty said, “A lot of people no longer ask what your body count is rather they ask how many people have you dated.

owa_d__realtor said, “All the women, girls and ladies doing olosho will say its pointless 😂, it’s not pointless I go ask you and if you lie Na God go polish you.

djcomputerlove said, “Still ask her. If she say it’s just two, no problem. That lie will show up sometime, somewhere in the future.

misschidel said, “I never see question wey useless pass that question.

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