It is My Turn to Govern Ondo – Oke

Olusola Oke, SAN, a prominent governorship aspirant in Ondo State’s All Progressives Congress (APC), asserted on Monday that it is his turn to govern the state. However, he stressed the importance of the National Working Committee (NWC) and State Working Committee (SWC) conducting a free, fair, credible, and transparent election.

The APC primary is scheduled for April 25, with the governorship election set for November 16.

Oke, a two-time gubernatorial candidate in the coastal state, officially declared his intention to contest at the party secretariat in Akure. He urged party leadership to prevent any negative actions that could tarnish the image or disrupt the peaceful and transparent conduct of the exercise.

He said “I’ve contested for this position for three times, I lost like Buhari and the fourth time is my turn. Recall that three of us rose at the same time in this state. Mimiko, Akeredolu and I. The three of us are from three different senatorial districts.

“Mimiko took his turn from the central, late Akeredolu took his turn from the North. I am told and I’m glad that the ticket is shifting to the south, so who’s turn is next? It is my turn! I am the only one that can say that, nobody else can say that!!

“There are three ways you know a politician, it is either you’ve been a lawmaker, you’ve been a party administrator or you’ve occupied executive position.

“I have occupied the three. I was once a lawmaker and was a party administrator. In the choice of my career, ranging for over 35 years in politics, I’ve gathered experience.

“Because I’ve been a party administrator, I will know how to manage party members as a governor. Because I’ve been a lawmaker, I will know how to manage lawmakers in the state and because I’ve occupied executive positions, I will hit the ground running immediately I’m elected.”

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