Israel’s Invasion of Gaza May Cause World War III – Adamu Garba

A chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress, Adamu Garba, has said Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza may lead to World War III.

Concise News gathered that Israel has commenced a ground invasion of Gaza with the aim of putting an end to Hamas terrorist organisation that carried out an attack that left over 1,200 Israelis dead and many injured on October 7.

In a post on X, Garba said other players may be drawn into the war between Israel and Hamas if caution is not taken.

He shared, “Israel ground operations in Gaza is massive. And they said they’re just testing the mic.

“Saudi, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan all issued strong warning. Iran claimed if Israel ground invasion started, they’ll intervene.

“If Iran eventually intervenes, then the United States will join the war, then Russia will come for iran, NATO will as a block join to support the U.S and China will also join. The trend will continue from one allied nation to another.

“In the next few days, if global community did nothing to deescalate the Gaza massacre, the world may witness a devastating World War III.”

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