Israeli Troops Exit Al-Shifa Hospital Amidst US-Israeli Military Talks

Eyewitnesses report that the Israeli army is pulling back from Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, as confirmed by an AFP journalist. Tanks are seen withdrawing from the premises, with the IDF allegedly firing shells to cover their exit before heading southwest of Gaza City. The Health Ministry of Hamas claims to have discovered numerous bodies, some in advanced stages of decomposition, within and around Al-Shifa Hospital post-Israeli withdrawal. The hospital infrastructure is reported to have sustained significant damage.

Simultaneously, Reuters reveals plans for a virtual meeting between the United States and Israel to discuss Israeli military operations targeting Rafah in the Gaza Strip. Participants from both nations include representatives from national security, defense, and intelligence agencies. The meeting aims to lay groundwork for an in-person discussion in the near future.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has issued warnings about ongoing preparations for a potential operation in Rafah, situated on the Gaza-Egypt border, as part of efforts to secure a decisive victory against Hamas.


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