Insecurity: Muftwang Seek Plateau Stakeholders’ Collaboration

Governor Caleb Muftwang of Plateau State has articulated a vision of cooperation and international insight as key components in addressing security challenges within the region.

Following his attendance at the Dialogue on Peace and Security in Nigeria, organized by the United States Institute of Peace, Muftwang in a post on X expressed that the discussions there provided him with valuable perspectives on security management, which he intends to integrate into local strategies.

Upon returning from the conference, the Governor visited Plateau State University Bokkos. His visit aimed to directly assess and address the security concerns impacting the university and its surrounding communities. During his time at the university, he met with various stakeholders including university management, staff, students, and traditional leaders from the host community.

Muftwang’s discussions focused on forging effective strategies to tackle the institutional challenges faced by the university. He emphasized the importance of collaboration among all stakeholders to enhance the educational environment, thereby strengthening the university’s role as a beacon of excellence both nationally and internationally.

The Governor expressed his appreciation to everyone contributing to the university’s ongoing success, recognizing the significant challenges they face. His commitment to leveraging both local and international insights marks a strategic approach to enhancing security and educational quality in Plateau State.

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