Indicted Judges Step Down From Cases

JudgesTwo Supreme Court judges accused of corruption, Iyang Okoro and Sylvester Nguta have stopped sitting.

This was confirmed by spokesperson of Nigeria’s Supreme Court, Ahuraka Isah.

Isah said they have suspended sittings since the raid on their homes and their subsequent arrest.

“None of the judges whose houses were raided and arrested by the SSS have been suspended by the NJC. But the two affected Supreme Court justices voluntarily recused themselves from all judicial functions.”

Controversies Continue Over Judges

The judges were among the seven arrested by operatives of DSS, on October 7, following allegations of corruption.
The DSS said the arrest followed credible information about their involvement in bribery and corruption allegations. However, the judges denied any wrongdoing and claimed victimisation for previous stands they took against public officials.

The DSS also accused the NJC of not judiciously treating petitions against corrupt judges. The NJC have also denied the allegation by the SSS.

There has been divided opinions about the raids and arrest. While some have commended the arrests, others have accused the executive of interfering with the judiciary by the arrests.

However, the President of the Nigeria Bar Association, Abubakar Mahmoud, had advised that the accused be suspended. Mahmoud’s advice has also been rejected by the NJC.

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