I’ll Subject All Arms Of Govt To Routine Audit – Obi

The Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, has said if elected president, he will ensure that all arms of government are subjected to routine audit.

Obi said this at the ongoing Annual Conference of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, ICAN, in Abuja, on Wednesday.

“As President, one of my priorities will rule of law and due diligence and promoting intangible assets, which are vital components of holistic security. This will also underpin public sector accountability.

“We will abide by the Fiscal responsibility laws. All arms of government will be subject to routine audit this is the only way to ascertain the veracity of procurement figures, recurrent and concurrent expenses, even constituency projects,” he said.

Speaking on “Sustainability for Economic Prosperity,” the LP flag-bearer said that it was only in Nigeria that a criminal would kidnap a victim and make calls to his family and yet the security agencies don’t arrest him, despite available technology which makes it easy to know crime positions.

According to him, ‘My number one priority is to secure Nigeria. It Is only in Nigeria that someone kidnaps me and is phoning my brother and they are negotiating price.

“If I am sick, he calls a doctor to come and treat me. Everybody knows where we are except the police. It is not acceptable.

“With technology today, you know where the crime is taking place and you can sort it out. We will have a three-level policing under my administration: Local government, state and National.

“You can’t talk of sustainability when gangsters have taken over your country.”

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