I’ll Choose Nigeria if Netherlands Doesn’t Call – Joshua Zirkee

Joshua Zirkzee, a 22-year-old footballer with a mixed heritage, faces a pivotal decision regarding his international career. Born to a Dutch father and a Nigerian mother, Zirkzee has represented the Netherlands in youth football but remains eligible to play for Nigeria.

Having previously played for Bayern Munich, Zirkzee’s potential switch of allegiance to Nigeria has sparked discussions within the football community. The talented forward acknowledged that representing Nigeria is an option currently under consideration.

Zirkzee’s heritage presents him with a unique opportunity to choose between two nations with rich footballing traditions. His decision could significantly impact both the Dutch and Nigerian national teams.

“Choosing Nigeria? It’s not easy to say. If the Netherlands aren’t calling, then I’ll choose Nigeria,” Zirkzee was quoted by Algemeen Dagblad via EuroFoot.

“Are they even calling? Maybe. The competition there for attackers is perhaps just as great as in the Dutch team. Nigeria has Boniface, Osimhen and many more attackers.

“My dream has always been the Dutch national team. However, the EURO is not necessarily a crossroad. If that doesn’t happen then, I’ll look further.”

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