I’ll Cheat on Any Man That Cheats on Me – Tolanibaj

In a candid revelation during the inaugural episode of the Bahd And Boujee Podcast, Tolanibaj, the well-known Big Brother Naija reality show alum and disc jockey, opened up about her perspective on relationships.

She disclosed her stance on infidelity, emphasizing her readiness for revenge if her partner cheats.

Tolanibaj also made it clear that her choice to stay in a relationship would depend on the value and empowerment she receives from her partner.

Tolanibaj said, “If you cheat on me, I will cheat on you back no matter how much I love you. Oh God!

“I will not go through your phone… Maybe at the beginning, I will warn you. When I warn guys it might come off as a threat but I’m really keeping it 100. It may not be a good way of living. It may be very toxic but it works for me.

“If you’re empowering me and you are useful, and you cheat on me, no problem. Just continue playing your role- empowering me.

“But if you cheat on me and you are not adding value to me, what am I still doing there? Do you get it? That’s how I see it. I would prefer to cry in a Lamborghini than in a keke [tricycle].”

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