I’ll Be Happy If I Win Grammy – Davido

Nigerian afrobeats sensation, David Adeleke, widely known as Davido, expressed his enthusiasm at the prospect of winning a Grammy award.

However, he clarified that his latest album, ‘Timeless,’ was not released with the sole intention of winning accolades.

During a recent interview with Brut, Davido, renowned for his hit track ‘Dami Duro,’ shared his perspective as a digital artist.

He explained that although he primarily operates in the digital realm, he made the decision to do a live recording for his collaboration with The Cavemen and Grammy-award-winning Beninese icon, Angélique Kidjo, in the track titled ‘Na Money.’

Davido’s focus remains on delivering exceptional music that resonates with his fans rather than solely aiming for prestigious awards.

While he acknowledged that winning a Grammy would undoubtedly be an exciting achievement, his primary goal is to create timeless music that connects with people on a profound level.

He said, “I was happy that I was out of my space and able to deliver that song [‘Na Money’]. Because I’m a digital artist; I record music digitally.

“But for that song [‘Na Money’], we had to record it live because The Cavemen record live.”

He continued, “If I win a Grammy, I will be happy, but I didn’t make this album [‘Timeless’] because I wanted to win anything.

“I made this album going into it, you know, happy, natural, you know what I’m saying!”

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