Ilana Oodua Backs Anti-Open Grazing Bill

The leader of the umbrella body of the Yoruba Self-determination Group, Ilana Omo Oodua, Prof Banji Akintoye, has said the group aligns with southern governors and their anti-open grazing bill.

Akintoye said this through his communications manager, Maxwell Adeleye.

This is as some southern governors have beh=gin to sign the bill into law, while many have their state House of Assembly passing the bill.

“We align with the position of the southern governors’ forum on the ban of open grazing”, Akintoye said.

“Our position in Ilana Omo Oodua is that it is a shame of the 21st century for cows to be competing for space with cars on the road. Cows should be restricted to ranches.

“Anyone interested in doing the business of cattle in Yorubaland should buy land, get the Cof O for the land and operate under the provisions the Land Use Act.

“He should pay tax to the host community, state and local government. Everything should be regulated. We do not want a situation whereby owners of cows think they are above the law. People in poultry rent, lease or buy land to do their businesses and the same for farmers that into crop business. It is business.

“We should not end with the passing of anti open grazing law; we should also establish anti-open grazing marshals empowered by law like they did with Amotekun.

“The police should not be left to handle it because they receive instruction from the patron of Miyetti Allah in Abuja”.

On the call made by Miyetti Allah to the Federal Government and the National Assembly to stop the southern states from implementing the law, Akintoye described Miyetti Allah as jesters.

“They are jesters. I call them jesters because the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria (as amended) and the Land Use Act of 1978 grant governors power over land.

“Land belongs to indigenous people. The Federal Government cannot determine what to do with it.

“Even when government wants to take over lands from people, they pay compensation. The laws of the land give land to the people and the people form government”.

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