Igbo Can’t Afford To Be Intolerant – Soludo

Governor Charles Soludo of Anambra State has said Igbo people are nomads and can’t afford to be an intolerant tribe.

Soludo said this when he received the presidential candidate of the New Nigeria Peoples Party, Rabiu Kwankwaso, at the Governor’s Lodge in Amawbia.

During Kwankwaso’s visit, Soludo told the former governor of Kano State that Nigeria needs leaders who truly care about the people.

He said, “I want to congratulate you on your tenacity, your faith in the country, your outstanding public service, and your dedication to our country.

“I’ve always believed that individuals with much to offer should give through their involvement in the community. The largest kind of giving is public service.

“We take pride in being republicans, which means the freedom to speak, in Anambra and throughout the South East.

“Azikiwe, Akweke, Chinua Achebe, Okadigbo, and many others all call Anambra home, and people who freely express and associate with one another are well-known to live here.

“We cannot afford to be an intolerant tribe since we are nomads. We have a proverb that goes, “Oje mba, enwe ilo.”

“In my opinion, everyone should be given the freedom to freely canvass and let the public make their decision.

“Where the country is now and where it will be in the future is a significant problem. The time has come for progressives to start considering the average citizen, according to Governor Soludo.

“The work is demanding, even after the election. Regardless of the outcome, we must sort through the candidates and select a coalition of like-minded individuals to lead this nation’s transition.

“We are fortunate. We have many difficulties, but we require citizens who have a strong sense of pride in their nation. Nigeria has a chance to rank among the top seven economies in the world.

“Even though I’ve been totally focused on what’s going on in my party, we wish you well in this movement.

“This state is fortunate. To make it work, we are doing everything we can.

“Kano is home to a sizable portion of our population. We are major stakeholders everywhere as Ndigbo.

“Our politics in Anambra are such that while we are campaigning, we may fight among ourselves, but following the election, you will find our people mingling and chit-chatting. It’s not a matter of do or die. The Governor said that everyone should be able to openly campaign.”

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