I Prefer Witch to Praying Wife – Daddy Freeze

In a candid revelation, media personality Ifedayo Olarinde, popularly known as Daddy Freeze, has stirred controversy by expressing his preference for marrying a witch over a praying wife. His statement, made in a video posted on his Instagram page, shed light on his views regarding marriage and spirituality.

Olarinde, who is estranged from his wife Opeyemi, asserted that his former spouse did not fit the mold of a “praying wife.” However, he confidently declared that the concept of having a praying wife held little significance for him personally.

Daddy Freeze said, “They said a woman that prays is a valuable asset. Not to me because I can pray for myself. I walk with God in such a way that I pray five minutes a day and I get everything I asked for. Because I am always hearing from God.

“So, I don’t need a praying wife. Instead of giving me a praying wife, give me witch or a mermaid that will be useful in other areas. Leave that praying to me. I am a spirit. I don’t need a praying wife. Even my ex was never really a praying wife. If it’s prayer, she just started now. She was never a praying wife and it didn’t matter to me.”

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