I Never Influenced Wife’s Decisions As Appeal Court Judge – Bulkachuwa

Senator Adamu Bulkachuwa, the former representative of Bauchi North in the 9th Senate, has refuted allegations of interfering with his wife’s role as the President of the Court of Appeal.

Justice Zainab Bulkachuwa served as the President of the Court of Appeal from 2014 to 2020.

During a session with the 9th Senate, led by Ahmad Lawan on Saturday, Senator Bulkachuwa addressed the assembly and stated, “I see faces in this chamber who have approached me for assistance when my wife was the President of the Court of Appeal.”

Previously, Senator Bulkachuwa faced criticism for openly admitting that he used his position to seek favors for his acquaintances while his wife held the position of President of Nigeria’s Court of Appeal.

However, in an interview with BBC Hausa, the former senator mentioned that Senate President Ahmad Lawan did not allow him to fully express his thoughts before cutting him off.

“Well, I was not even allowed to finish up, I just began by thanking her. She tolerated me, I am in politics while she was in law.

“The favours I solicited from her, it was her nature to help people. I didn’t even explain what can of help I was referring to, every employee whether lawyer, engineer or doctor can render assistance in their work. Assistance doesn’t mean that you contravene the law or do something wrong,” he said.

According to Bulkachuwa, there is no truth in the allegations levelled against him of interfering with his wife’s job.

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