I Named My Son Isaac With Only N10 – Oyedepo

In a candid video, Bishop David Oyedepo, leader of the Living Faith Church, commonly known as Winners Chapel, shared a personal anecdote shedding light on his unwavering principles of integrity.

During the naming ceremony of his son, Isaach, Bishop Oyedepo found himself in a challenging financial situation, possessing only 10 naira. Despite pressure from associates to dip into the church’s coffers for the occasion, arguing that, as the church’s leader, it was justifiable, Oyedepo staunchly refused.

In the video, the Bishop recalls his adamant stance, asserting that his child was not merely an extension of the church, but his own flesh and blood. His refusal to compromise on his principles, even in the face of financial scarcity, underscores a commitment to personal integrity that transcends institutional obligations.

“God’s money must not be spent outside God’s cause,” said Oyedepo.

In his sermon that day, he said, “Financial fortune is a product of quality spiritual walk,” reading from Job 22:24-25. He said, “not N1 (one naira) of God’s money has ever mistakenly crossed its way to my pocket”.

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