I Have Confidence Tinubu Will Perform – Oba Of Benin

In a congratulatory message addressed to President Bola Tinubu, the Oba of Benin, Ewuare II, expressed unwavering confidence in his ability to lead the country with distinction, citing his impressive track record.

The Oba, representing the Royal Court of Benin, Benin Royal family, and the people of Edo State, emphasized the importance of prioritizing youth development while offering prayers for divine guidance and support throughout the President’s tenure.

According to the Oba, Tinubu’s ascension to the presidency, as the 16th leader of the nation, was a testament to the fulfillment of destiny, the will of the people, and the benevolence of the Almighty.

Recognizing Tinubu’s past achievements, the Oba expressed no reservations regarding his capacity to excel in his new role and fulfill his obligations to the Nigerian populace.
Nevertheless, the monarch humbly appealed to the President to place greater emphasis on youth development within the country.

“Your swearing-in as the 16th President of this great country was a result of the fulfilment of destiny, the people’s will and, the wish of God Almighty who made it possible (for you) to assume the mantle of leadership.

“From your antecedent, we have no doubt that you will excel in this position and fulfil your mandate to Nigerians. We, however, plead with Your Excellency to give more priority to youth development in this country,” the monarch said.

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