I Don’t Want to Marry A Virgin – Actor, Baaj Adebule

Renowned Nollywood actor Baaj Adebule has sparked conversation by openly sharing his perspective on marriage, revealing his reluctance to marry a virgin when the time comes to settle down.

Expressing his candid views, Adebule cited the perceived challenges associated with the process of disvirgining as a primary factor influencing his stance on the matter. Drawing from personal experience, he characterized the ordeal as “traumatic,” shedding light on his apprehensions about repeating the journey.

Adebule told Pulse: “I don’t want to marry a virgin. Because first, obviously, you will have to do the disvirgining which is something I’ve been through before and it is quite traumatic.

“When people think about it, they only think about the lady, nobody thinks about the guy and what he goes through to do it. It is a very terrible experience for a guy.”

The actor’s remarks, although unconventional in a society where certain ideals about purity and marriage prevail, underscore the diversity of perspectives shaping contemporary attitudes towards relationships and matrimony.

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