HURIWA Knocks Security Operatives Over Crack Down On Protests In North

Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria, HURIWA, has backed the protests in the North against the insecurity the region is facing.

Some stated in the north have seen youths take to the streets with placards calling for an end to the killings and kidnappings by bandits in the region.

However, some of them have been reportedly cracked down on by security operatives, an action frowned against by HURIWA through its national coordinator, Emmanuel Onwubiko.

“What they are doing is Constitutional, legal and permissible under democracy. This is because under a constitutional democracy, the people are the owners of the sovereignty of the state,” HURIWA said.

“The constitution in section one is best called the grundnorm or the supreme law that is binding on all authorities and persons which means that the provisions of the constitution are inviolable, non-negotiable and therefore the primary duty of government as provided for by the constitution which is to protect its citizens and their properties is non contestable and absolutely obligatory on government of Nigeria of every level.

“So whereby the government has failed to discharge this aforementioned primary duty as adumbrated by constitutional provisions, the people are obliged to protest peacefully and numerous sections are provided in chapter 4 of the constitution which made peaceful assembly constitutionally guaranteed.

“Therefore it is unconstitutional for any security agency or agencies no matter whatsoever called as long as they are recognized by the statutes which are lesser legislations than the constitution. They are not allowed to violate the constitutional freedom of the citizen from exercising their fundamental right to peaceful assembly.

“So the DSS, the police amongst other agencies must stop attacking protesters,” it stated.

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