How Tinubu Can Achieve Greatness – Shagari

Mukhtar Shagari, the former Deputy Governor of Sokoto State, has expressed the belief that President-elect Bola Tinubu has the potential to achieve greatness as the President of Nigeria.

Shagari emphasized the importance of Tinubu surrounding himself with the right individuals, stating that success would be within reach if he assembles a capable team.

He spoke during an appearance on Channels Television on Thursday.

He said, “Very easily if he has the right team. If you are talented and you are the captain of a football team, if you are the only person that is talented and good, you don’t have strikers, you can hardly win any competition.

“But if you have the right people, in fact, it is the right team and strikers that will help you score the goals. So, if Bola Ahmed Tinubu does what he did in Lagos at the national level, that is expanding what he did to achieve success in Lagos, then bring in the right calibre of people.

“Bring in people who know what they are doing, people who have integrity because the brightest person can fail if he doesn’t have the integrity. So, if he has the right team and the right people, I believe that he can still do what he did in Lagos in Nigeria.”

He, however, urged Tinubu to make security a top priority and be careful of sycophants

He added, “First of all, he (Tinubu) must be very careful of sycophants, people who will tell him stories, people who will tell him things they believe he will want to hear.

“Another one is that he must take the issue of security seriously, people are still being killed, people are still being kidnapped and after that, he must look at the economy. I know he will be able to bring people who will help him build the economy.”

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