How I Was Introduced to Drugs – Actress Toyin Abraham

Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham has recalled how she got introduced to drugs when he marriage to Adeyemi Johnson crashed.

In an interview with BBC News Yoruba, Toyin Abraham said her female friend who introduced her to drugs made her believe that they would make her problems disappear and lessen the pain of her sadness.

“I have done some certain things that are not really my fault because I came from a Christian home.

“When the problems started, some of my friends introduced me to drugs in such a way that I kept asking myself what led me to this.

“I didn’t plan for a broken marriage. But when it happened, I was emotionally carried away.

“Those things were empowering my negative energy. Sometimes even when I do some positive things it would just end being negative. So I had to stop.

“Then I sought help. And I also changed some friends and people around me. I tried to be positive and I had to deal with depression and drugs.”

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