How I Feel About Sadio Mane’s Money – New Wife

In the wake of their recent nuptials in Dakar, Senegal, Sadio Mane’s wife, Aisha Tamba, has made it clear that she remains unfazed by her husband’s fame and wealth.

In a statement, she emphatically expressed her disinterest in Mane’s financial success and celebrity status, underlining her commitment to facing any challenges that may arise in their married life.

Tamba was quoted by Mail Online as saying, “I am looking forward to my new life and I know that it will be very different. But I do not feel any pressure because Sadio’s fame and money will not change me. This is not what I’m interested in.

“I will remain a humble person committed to my faith.

“I’m not used to having so much attention on me because we are a very private family. We don’t like to show off and speak about our personal lives. I am a very down-to-earth person, this is how I was raised, and nothing will be different just because of this marriage.

“But I’m very honoured to now be Mrs Mane.”

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