Hold Israel DMW Responsible If Anything Happens to Me – Wife, Sheila

Sheila, the wife of Israel Afeare, popularly known as Israel DMW, Davido’s Logistics Manager, has voiced grave concerns about her safety and that of her family members. Sheila is alleging that her husband should be held accountable if any harm befalls her or her relatives.

The former beauty queen took to social media on Friday to sound the alarm, claiming that her life and the lives of her family members were in imminent danger. Sheila went on to accuse Israel DMW of orchestrating an invasion of her mother’s shop with a group of hoodlums, creating a hostile environment for her family.

This revelation comes in response to Israel DMW’s earlier claims, where he accused Sheila and her family, particularly her mother, of defrauding him. He asserted that Sheila left their marriage as soon as she gained fame, painting a narrative of financial opportunism on her part.

In a strong rebuttal, Sheila refuted the “gold digger” label attached to her by Israel, asserting that she hails from a well-to-do family. Emphasizing her family’s financial standing, she disclosed that her father is none other than the former Edo State governor, Adams Oshiomole, further highlighting their connection as “first cousins.”

She wrote via her Instagram story, “If anything happens to me or any member of my family, @IsraelDMW should be held responsible

“Going to my mum’s shop to beat her up? You wan kill pikin, kill mama join?

‘This isn’t even something to be quiet about at this point.

“I was going to post this just yesterday! I held back because aside involving the police I reached out to someone I believe could reach him and would act on it, I say make I no forward so I don’t get the ‘oh you shouldn’t have brought it online.’

“Yesterday! This man carried boys to harass my mum at her shop!”

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