Help Nigeria Fight Terrorism, Akpabio Urges Saudi Arabia

Godswill Akpabio, the President of the Senate, has issued a plea to the Government of Saudi Arabia for assistance in combating insurgency and cross-border terrorism in Nigeria. His call emphasizes the importance of intelligence sharing and underscores Nigeria’s readiness to collaborate with international partners in addressing security challenges.

Akpabio conveyed this message during a courtesy visit from members of the Saudi Arabia/Nigeria Parliamentary Friendship Group, led by Dr. Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Salamah, at his office on Thursday.

The appeal highlights Nigeria’s ongoing efforts to confront the persistent threats posed by insurgents and terrorists operating within its borders. By seeking support from Saudi Arabia, a key regional ally, Akpabio aims to bolster Nigeria’s counterterrorism capabilities and enhance its ability to safeguard its citizens.

The collaboration between Nigeria and Saudi Arabia reflects the growing recognition of the transnational nature of terrorism and the need for coordinated responses at the international level. By fostering closer ties and promoting information exchange, both countries can strengthen their respective security apparatuses and mitigate the risks posed by extremist elements.

Akpabio’s outreach signals Nigeria’s commitment to leveraging partnerships with like-minded nations to address complex security challenges effectively. As the fight against terrorism remains a top priority for the Nigerian government, collaboration with strategic allies such as Saudi Arabia is vital in achieving lasting peace and stability in the region.

The visit from the Saudi Arabia/Nigeria Parliamentary Friendship Group underscores the importance of parliamentary diplomacy in fostering international cooperation and solidarity. Through dialogue and engagement, both nations can explore avenues for mutual support and collective action in tackling shared security concerns.

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