Headies 2016: A First-Timer’s Experience

Headies 2016 Hosts: Falz and Adesua Etomi
Headies 2016 Hosts: Falz and Adesua Etomi

Headies 2016 came. It saw and well…it saw and went. The 11th edition of the Headies held at the now usual venue of Eko Convention Center, Victoria Island, Lagos. I was there. All the ghen ghen. The “osshey ooshey ore mi.” ” You are eating the life o” when I told where I would be Thursday night.

Don’t be deceived, it’s all about work

Now, this is the point to let you, the reader, know that I was there to work. Yep, work. It was not soft work even though Falz was in the building. I was covering events on the red carpet for Concise News Global.

All that glam! Beautiful ladies. Nice dresses. Not-so-nice dresses. Good-looking dudes and, of course, beautiful ladies. No, I did not repeat myself. They were so beautiful, I had to mention them twice.

I arrived at the venue at 7:35 pm; looking as spiffy as I could manage post-work. The programme, being Nigerian and of Nigeria, had not kicked off yet. Nigerian time in play; we are used to this. We even bank on it.

The different media houses represented used this time to jostle for prime positions on the red carpet. In case you are wondering, no. No, I didn’t jostle. I picked a spot. The photographer might have shoved two people or more along the way but …mea culpa. Aye o po mehn!

With my Concise News team

8pm saw the celebrities trickling into the venue. The first wave had Zaki Adzee and his signature torchlight, Jazzman Olofin and Sunny Nneji.

Interviews started in earnest and yours truly, for your sake, made sure to take copious pictures. I did it for you. I am kind like that. You are welcome.

The trickle became a flow, and the flow a deluge. No time to check time. Pictures to be taken. Interviews to conduct without obviously rushing the artistes off. Moving around to make sure nothing is missed. What is Headies without the glam pictures? What is The Headies without a who-slayed and who-should-be-slayed opinion piece.

The running around and watching for photo opps was the extent of my experience till about midnight when I went into the event auditorium proper.

Wow! Wawu!! Wowu! Give it to the organisers, the dedication to aesthetics and beauty was singular .The stage was set at the front with the seats arranged to be in front of and to the side of it. Projected videos allowed those on the side a frontal view. Mo fo.

It was a draining but also exhilarating experience. I got to see celebs up close. Spoke to a few of them. It was work and play well-blended.

P.S: To the waiter who wanted to sell me bottled water for N1,000, I hope you were able to drink it all yourself.

Covering The Headies 2016 for Concise News was’t easy, but the experience was well worth the stress after all.

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