Hallelujah Challenge: Nathaniel Bassey Reveals 2019 Start Date

Nathaniel Bassey Hallelujah Challenge
Nathaniel Bassey. Source: Instagram.

The popular worship and praise programme Hallelujah Challenge organised by gospel singer Nathaniel Bassey will hold from 4th- 24th February 2019.

Concise News understands that the 21-day programme holds live on Instagram from 12 am- 1 am.

While announcing the date for the Halleluyah Challenge 2019, Nathaniel Bassey urged Christians to pray for the success of the event.

Speaking on the programme which started in 2017, the singer said “It started as an inspiration from God.

“It was the leading of the holy spirit, following up on something we called the ‘Tongue challenge’ which was initially praying for one hour every month in the month of May.

“When we were done, I just sensed that God wanted us to praise him in the month of June, in the midnight hour based on Acts 16:25-26 and the kind of praise should be the hallelujah kind of praise.

“The number of people joining the challenge keeps rising on a daily basis, the last session had over 70,000 people and that’s not including the over 90,000 who joined via Facebook.”

During the programme, the singer goes live on Instagram and other social media platforms with thousands joining to praise and worship God.

And ahead of the 2019 edition of the Hallelujah Challenge, Nathaniel Bassey urged all participants to do the following:

1. Pray in the Spirit at least 1hr during the day.
2. Read the word. Watch out for a collective bible plan this period.
3. Don’t get discouraged by all the critics and bloggers that would normally speak against this. Focus.
4. Every night we would pray for the Nigerian elections, using our PVCs as pints of contacts and also encourage people to GO OUT AND VOTE!
5. Don’t get into unnecessary arguments about the Hallelujah Challenge. It’s okay if they think we are wasting our time. At least you know you are not. And have tasted of God’s power.
5. Get out a journal to write. You may use your previous one if you still have.
6. Spend time praying for us. Myself, family and the team as we embark on this.
7. Be excited ! And ready to see GOD MOVE !
8. Tag someone that needs this.
9. Get ready to Sing & Pray
10. Reach for your instruments of praise…., Your Heart, Your voice, your Hands, Legs…. and every thing that has breathe..

The Hallelujah Challenge was last year featured by Cable News Network (CNN) and draws people from all Christian denominations and even celebrities.

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