Groups To Protest Against Seun Kuti’s Continued Detention

Some groups are planning to hold a ‘FreeSeunKuti’ protests In Lagos, Abuja, and London over Police’s continued detention of singer Seun Kuti.

The campaign is supported by the African Action Congress (AAC), the Youth Rights Campaign (YRC), the Movement of the People (MOP), the Socialist Equality Movement (SEM), the Movement for African Emancipation (MAE),

Workers and Youth Solidarity Network (WYSN) as well as other individuals and have asked the Nigeria Police Force to drop what it described as trumped-up charges against the Nigeria singer, Seun Kuti, and release him from detention as he has met his bail conditions.

In a statement released by social activist, Francis Nwapa, he called on Nigerian youths, workers, and the general public to join in the ‘Free Seun Kuti’ campaign and the court sitting on May 23, 2023, at the Magistrate Court at Yaba, Lagos State.

According to Nwapa, “The campaign is to protest and demand that all trumped-up charges of Seun Kuti be dropped because it is believed that he has met all bail conditions.

The campaign is also against the attacks the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) unleashes daily on people’s democratic rights.

“The protest rally is to give solidarity with Seun Kuti and also to demand an end to police brutality, which working-class youth and the oppressed people are facing at the hands of the police.

“It is alongside demanding that the government improve living conditions, create jobs, and provide social welfare adequately. “In Seun’s case, we believe the police are manipulating the investigation and delaying completion.

“In our open letter to the IGP, we stated that “while we understand that the altercation as seen in the video is self-defense (and even if the slap was unprovoked, it will only be a minor misdemeanor).

“We are also calling on the police to conduct and conclude a thorough and impartial investigation into the incident within the 48 hours stipulated by the court, to establish full facts and to ensure that justice is served.”

“We believe only through solidarity and well organize actions can police brutality come to an end vis-a-vis the system of inequality, poverty, and starvation.”

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