Gombe Police Move Against Disorderliness Amid NLC Strike

The Gombe State Police Command is actively working to forestall any potential breakdown of law and order within the state.

Emphasizing the importance of adherence to legal processes, the command expressed hope that the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and other labor unions will comply with the court order while also promoting open dialogue.

In a statement, the command said the Commissioner of Police CP Hayatu Usman has issued clear directives to the Divisional Police Officers (DPOs) via the Area Commander metro, instructing them to take all necessary measures to uphold peace and prevent any breaches in the state.

The command encouraged the NLC and other labor unions to embrace peaceful means of communication and negotiation, fostering an environment conducive to resolving disputes without resorting to disruptions or confrontations.

This proactive approach reflects the commitment of law enforcement to maintaining order and security, particularly during periods of potential unrest.

The call for compliance with the court order underscores the significance of respecting legal mechanisms and engaging in constructive dialogue to address concerns.

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