God Gave Me A Second Chance – Julius De Genius Agwu

Second ChanceBy Rashidat Akashat

Nigerian comedian, musician and actor Julius Agwu has recounted his ordeal as he recovered from brain disease.

The public speaker and MC said God gave him a second chance to live, following the death scare of battle with three brain tumours.

Second Chance

In a chat with Inspaya TV, Julius revealed that he had battled brain tumour and he almost lost his life to the wrath of the ailment.

In his words:

“My name is Julius Agwu. I am a living testimony of God’s miracle.

“My business is show business, I need to show for the business to come.”

According to him, he had concluded the shooting of the Vendor when the disease took charge.

Doctors had tried to resuscitate him but all efforts seemed futile. He was almost taken to the morgue.

The father of two said he recollected his father who had died in 2002 telling him to return.

Then he woke up in the hospital and he was told about his being in coma.

In summary, he suffered Amnesia, couldn’t recognise his wife and he eventually travelled to the US for proper medical checkup.

Julius said, “MRS scan revealed that I had three tumours in my brain.”

He also said in frustration he almost took his life.

“One day, they [his family] were not at home, I almost committed suicide.”

That is the reason “I call it second chance. That’s God saying this is your own second chance.”

“After the experience I decided to do a thanksgiving song titled ‘Second chance’, he added.

See video below:

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