Genoveva Umeh Speaks On Dumping Law For Acting

Genoveva Umeh, a Nigerian-British actress, has revealed that despite her deep passion for acting, she did not initially pursue it academically. Instead, she studied law during her time at university.

However, her true calling for acting became evident when she encountered difficulties with her law studies, leading her to explore her passion further.

Umeh candidly shared this insight during her appearance on the Is This Seat Taken podcast, hosted by renowned Nollywood actress Chinasa Anukam.

The podcast episode offered a platform for Umeh to discuss her journey and the realization that acting was her true passion, even though she initially pursued a different academic path.

She said, “Studying law, I would say was my decision. But I would also say that I realised that I was first generation immigrant, I know how hard my parents worked to get me into the UK.

“So, I didn’t want to do a course that I just kinda took as a hobby. I thought acting was a hobby.

“I literally just went from just thinking of it [acting] as a hobby in university and just thinking, yeah, when I graduate, I’m going to come back and pursue this.

“But that didn’t happen until I failed my first year. I failed my first year of law. That was when I realised that I need to start considering what I actually want to do as opposed to what I feel I have to do.”

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