GDP Shows Kano Underperforming – Bashir Ahmad

Former presidential aide, Bashir Ahmad, has lamented that Kano State is underperforming following the latest GDP of states in the country.

According to the list released by Budgit, Kano which is the second most populous state in Nigeria ranks 30 with N4.20trn as GDP.

Reacting, Ahmad shared on X, “The latest rankings of the GDP of Nigerian states placed my state, Kano at number 13, behind states like Anambra, Bayelsa, Niger, Kaduna, and Benue. This is indeed concerning, especially that Kano is the second most populous state in the country. It is clear that Kano is underperforming economically. Ideally, we should be among the top three states in Nigeria, economically.”

See the full list below:

1. Lagos: N41.17 trillion
2. Rivers: N7.96 trillion
3. Akwa Ibom: N7.77 trillion
4. Imo: N7.68 trillion
5. Delta: N6.19 trillion
6. Anambra: N5.14 trillion
7. Ondo: N5.10 trillion
8. Ogun: N5.03 trillion
9. Bayelsa: N4.63 trillion
10. Niger: N4.58 trillion
11. Kaduna: N4.31 trillion
12. Benue: N4.27 trillion
13. Kano: N4.20 trillion
14. Cross River: N4.07 trillion
15. Edo: N3.99 trillion
16. Kogi: N3.69 trillion
17. Oyo: N3.65 trillion
18. Abia: N3.53 trillion
19. Katsina: N3.32 trillion
20. Sokoto: N2.85 trillion
21. Adamawa: N2.66 trillion
22. Bauchi: N2.63 trillion
23. Ekiti: N2.35 trillion
24. Osun: N2.30 trillion
25. Ebonyi: N2.24 trillion
26. Jigawa: N2.16 trillion
27. Gombe: N2.10 trillion
28. Taraba: N2.04 trillion
29. Borno: N1.96 trillion
30. Nasarawa: N1.86 trillion
31. Kebbi: N1.80 trillion
32. Zamfara: N1.73 trillion
33. Plateau: N1.50 trillion
34. Enugu: N1.45 trillion
35. Kwara: N1.38 trillion
36. Yobe: N1.09 trillion

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