Ganduje Dissolves Kano Cabinet

Governor Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano State has issued a directive instructing all public officers holding political appointments to initiate a seamless transition of their responsibilities in adherence to established procedures.

The order aims to ensure a smooth transfer of power and responsibilities within the state government.

Public Officers Instructed to Hand Over Responsibilities in Accordance with Procedure

In a statement titled “Handover of Activities” from the office of the Secretary to the State Government, signed by Permanent Secretary Hajiya Bilkisu Maimota, Governor Ganduje emphasized the importance of a structured handover process.

The directive applies to all Commissioners, Special Advisers, Chief Executives of Parastatals and Government-Owned Companies, as well as other political appointees.

These officials have been instructed to hand over their affairs to the relevant permanent secretaries and directors of administration and general services within their respective establishments.

Seamless Transition Ensures Continuity and Efficient Governance

Governor Ganduje’s directive highlights the significance of a seamless transition in facilitating continuity and efficient governance.

By following established procedures, the state government aims to ensure that there is no disruption in the delivery of essential services to the people of Kano State.

The smooth handover process enables incoming officials to quickly assume their roles, maintain ongoing projects, and effectively address the needs of the state’s residents.

This commitment to a well-organized transition underscores the government’s dedication to maintaining stability and promoting effective governance.

Emphasis on Accountability and Documentation of Handover Process

Governor Ganduje further emphasized the importance of accountability and transparency throughout the handover process.

All government properties currently in the possession of the appointees must be handed over to the relevant permanent secretaries or directors of administration and general services, and the handover should be completed no later than May 26.

Additionally, the appointees are required to provide copies of their handover notes to the Office of the Secretary to the State Government for record-keeping purposes.

This emphasis on accountability ensures that the transition is properly documented, enabling future reference and promoting responsible governance practices.

Governor Ganduje’s directive regarding the smooth transition of political appointees in Kano State signifies the government’s commitment to efficient governance, continuity of service delivery, and accountability.

By adhering to established procedures and ensuring a transparent handover process, the state government aims to maintain stability, facilitate the seamless transfer of responsibilities, and uphold the principles of good governance.

This approach reinforces the government’s dedication to serving the people of Kano State effectively and promoting a culture of transparency and responsible leadership.

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