Funke Akindele: Actor Samuel Jemitalo Tells Men Not To Marry Ladies Who Listen To Toke Makinwa, Blessing CEO

Nollywood actor, Samuel Jemitalo, has advised men not to marry any lady that listens to advises from Toke Makinwa, Blessing CEO.

He said this on social media in reaction to the separation of actress, Funke Akindele-Bello and her husband JJC Skillz.

He wrote, “Men, never marry a woman that has made it… she will never respect you. Never marry a woman that is a ‘Social media Freak’… they learn things from a lot of women who don’t know the meaning of ‘Feminism’…”

He later clarified the intent of his post, saying, “I never directed my writeup to my senior colleague #funkejenifaakindele I only used her picture to buttress a point.

“We are called public figures because our lifestyle is in public. So I decided to use her picture as reference. I don’t know what transpired in her marriage, so I cannot say if she’s the cause or not. I was only generalising my point not personalising it to sister Funke.”

Expanding his list of the kind of women, that men should marry, Jemitalo said, “Men, marry a woman that respects and fears God, and she will understand that her man is her lord & cover, while the Lord of a man is Christ. A woman that does not RESPECT GOD, cannot respect you. Do not marry women that listens to likes of #officialblessingceo #tokemakinwa etc(Master of Neologism).”

Blessing CEO had tackled Jemitalo, when he made his earlier comment, “You say never marry a woman who has made it yet you men say you want independent women…Na bad thing to hustle like man ? If we no hustle then still call us gold diggers . Men need to sit up and think, what else can you give a woman apart from money? Many men can’t give anything that is why it is difficult for most of them to stay with successful women . Enough of this women women women.”

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