Full Text: NPC Chairman’s Speech On Critical Census Process

It is my pleasure to welcome participants to the Training workshop for Local Government Comptrollers on critical census processes in preparation for the 2023 Population and Housing Census.

As part of the preparation for the conduct of Nigeria’s fully digital census in 2023, the Commission is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that the result of the census is acceptable to Nigerians and the quality of data to be generated meets international best standards for socio-economic and developmental planning.

The conduct of this training workshop for the NPC Comptrollers therefore, underscores the determination, commitment and readiness of the Commission to deliver on a clean and accountable process that will lead to the conduct of a credible and reliable census in 2023.

The Commission is very much aware that, the Comptrollers play a vital role in ensuring the success of our activities at the Local Government Areas. The comptrollers are particularly critical to the conduct of the digital 2023 Population and Housing Census because of their closeness to the grassroots where they provide leadership for the process at the communities and LGAs level and their actions, or inaction, will greatly impact the exercise. Their duties range from mobilizing communities to participate in the Census to playing supervisory and coordinating roles in the project. Most especially, their role as Local Government Field Coordinators is of paramount importance to the success of the 2023 Population and Housing Census.

The main objectives of this training workshop therefore are:
 To provide Comptrollers with knowledge of the Census process and their role within the Census workflow.
 To equip Comptrollers with practical skills on undertaking their assignments (EA assignment for profiling, distribution & retrieval of materials, finalization of payment lists, facilitation of enumeration of special populations, enumeration in hard to reach areas, field coordination etc) during the Census.
 To enhance Comptrollers’ ability to supervise the enumeration process and contribute to ensuring data quality.
 To provide Comptrollers with knowledge of roles of all functionaries in the Census and expectations from the Comptrollers in each of the areas.
 To prepare comptrollers to receive & relate with local and international monitors.
 To expand Comptrollers’ ability to manage the training of enumerators and supervisors in the LGA.
 To enhance Comptrollers’ skills to manage logistics and security, as well as Census Publicity and Advocacy in the LGA.

To achieve these objectives, participants must show commitment and dedication by giving full attention to the content of the training because the Commission expects much from you at the end of this training workshop for a successful 2023 Population and Housing Census.

Let me use this opportunity to assure Nigerians that the National Population Commission is irrevocably committed to positively rewrite the history of censuses in Nigeria and deliver to this great nation accurate and reliable census data.

Preparations for the 2023 Population and Housing Census are on course and the Commission is confident of an accurate, reliable and acceptable census.

I, therefore, appeal to Nigerians to join the Commission in the bid to give our dear country accurate and reliable data through the forthcoming 2023 Population and Housing Census.

While wishing participants a fruitful and rewarding learning experience at this training workshop, it is my hope that you will demonstrate the highest level of commitment that will translate to a successful 2023 Population and Housing Census.

It is on this note that I declare this training workshop open and formally welcome you to the Census year.

You Count, Be Counted

Thank you for your kind attention.

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