Fuel Scarcity: Singer Waje Gives Terms For Her Hand In Marriage

Popular singer, Waje, has shared an apparent joke on social media, saying she’s ready to get married to any man who would send her fuel.

She said this amid the fuel scarcity Nigerians have been experiencing for weeks now, with long queues at filling stations.

Sharing on her Instagram page, the singer wrote, “I’ll marry any man that sends me fuel. Seriously.”

She added, “For those asking for my hand in marriage, the most important item on the list is 100 litres of fuel. I can manage 50…In short, my family will accept 25 sef.

“Even if you did not ask, because of fuel (what you have in your hand! Holy!) you’ll gain a God-fearing, demon-chasing, heaven-awaiting spouse.”

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