‘French Oscars’ Ban Nominees Accused Of Sexual Assault

The most prestigious film honors in France, the Cesar Awards, have prohibited nominees who have been accused of sexual assault from attending their presentation in February.

Anyone under investigation for charges of sexual misconduct will not be allowed to attend the award event, which has been called the “French Oscars,” according to the Guardian UK on Tuesday.

In a statement, the Academy said anyone facing a potential prison sentence for “violence, notably of (a) sexual or sexist nature” would be excluded from the coming ceremony. “It has been decided not to highlight people who may have been put in question by the judiciary for acts of violence.” Adding that the step was being taken “out of respect for the victims”, even if they were only “presumed” victims.

After it became known that rising singer Sofiane Bennacer was the subject of two rape investigations and one violent investigation, there had been concerns that there may be demonstrations during the event on February 25.

Bennacer, 25, was up for the prize in the Revelation category but claims he did nothing wrong.

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