Former Rep Ashiru Condemns Banditry in Kaduna

Isa Ashiru, the former Member representing the Makarfi/Kudan Federal Constituency, has strongly condemned the resurgence of bandit attacks in Kaduna State, expressing deep concern over the escalating violence and its devastating impact on communities.

In a candid statement, Ashiru decried the recent wave of violence that has plagued several Local Government Areas (LGAs) in the state. He lamented the loss of lives, abductions, and wanton destruction perpetrated by these bandits, which have once again cast a shadow of fear and insecurity over the region.

One of the tragic incidents highlighted by Ashiru was the attack and burning of the Catholic residence of Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Okolo in Fadan Kamantan. While the priest and another clergyman managed to escape, the bandits not only set fire to the Refectory but also claimed the life of a Seminarian in the process.

Ashiru also drew attention to the horrifying attack in Saya Saya village, Ikara LGA, where eight people lost their lives while performing the late-night Isha prayer in a mosque. Additionally, he recounted the attacks on Matarawa and Musawa in Kudan LGA, where two individuals were killed, and cattle were stolen.

Expressing his heartfelt condolences to the affected communities, Ashiru emphasized the need for a united front against the ongoing criminality. He called upon security agencies and all constitutionally mandated authorities responsible for safeguarding lives and property to intensify their efforts in creating a secure environment for the people.

Ashiru expressed deep disappointment that lives and property continue to be lost to these nefarious actors, even amid the prevailing economic hardships. He stressed that such a situation should not be tolerated and urged the community to stand together to defeat the menace of these criminal elements.

In concluding his statement, Ashiru rallied for unity among the people, believing that through collective efforts, they can overcome the rampant evil threatening their security and well-being.

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