Five Ways To Position Yourself For A Better Year BY Korede Komaiya

I.) Be Determined – Greatness is only for the determined. Your determination is what determines your end because everything contrary to what you desire will arise to challenge your journey. Until your determination surpasses that of your enemies, you can’t conquer them. When you are more determined than the forces resisting your progress, you crush them to pieces. Determination is the price for progress. Every challenge on your path is to test your determination.

II.) Be Persuaded – Being persuaded is to be totally convinced about where you are headed. It is not just enough to be determined, be persuaded! Be totally convinced that 2022 is going to be the best year. Determination will be tested, persuasion will also be tested.

III.) Be Immovable – Don’t be like a chaff easily carried away by the wind, be stable! Don’t be easily swayed by challenges or any wind of doctrine. If something has got to move, then it should be your enemies. Take your stand, or you have no stand.

IV.) Be Proactive – There are steps you need to make quickly. There are swift steps that make for success. There are lines of action that must be followed proactively. You are not to be on the defensive, rather be on the offensive. Take proactive steps, it’s the key to progress.

V.) Be God-Focused – Until you get it right with God, you can’t get it right in this new year. ‘Cursed is he that makes man the focus’. You will not need more than God to make it. You don’t seek God first and become last.

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