Fire Razes Three Buildings in Lagos

The Lagos State Fire Rescue Service has issued an update regarding the ongoing fire incident in Docemo, highlighting a notable reduction in the intensity of the blaze. While progress has been made, the extent of damage to affected properties remains a concern for authorities.

Among the properties affected, house numbers 47, 49, and 51 have borne the brunt of the fire’s wrath. Regrettably, house number 49 has succumbed to the inferno, collapsing under the relentless heat and the close proximity of neighboring structures. Furthermore, the fire has now encroached upon house number 53, escalating the severity of the situation.

Despite facing formidable challenges, emergency response teams persist in their efforts to mitigate the spread of the fire and safeguard adjacent properties. Complicating matters, combustible materials, including firecrackers, continue to ignite intermittently, posing additional risks to both responders and nearby residents.

In light of these developments, authorities urged residents in the vicinity to remain composed and extend their full cooperation to emergency personnel. Heightened vigilance and adherence to safety protocols are paramount as the firefighting operation progresses.

As the Lagos State Fire Rescue Service works tirelessly to bring the situation under control, the solidarity and support of the community are indispensable in ensuring the safety and well-being of all individuals affected by this unfortunate incident in Docemo.

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