Finance Ministry To Launch Updated Service Delivery Charter

The Federal Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning (Budget and National Planning Arm) is in the process of reviewing and updating its Service Delivery Charter for the purpose of effectively delivering on its mandates and services to Nigerians and stakeholders.

Director, Reform Coordination and Service Improvement in the Ministry of Budget and National Planning, Dr Ann Nzegwu, disclosed in her opening remarks at a one-day workshop on stakeholders’ input into the document in Abuja, that the Ministry was set to soon unfold an updated Service Delivery Charter.

Dr Nzegwu, who represented the Minister of State for Budget and National Planning, Prince Clem Ikanade Agba, on the occasion, said the Ministry had made sure it had a functional Service Deliver Charter.

According to her: “we had our first one developed when we were National Planning Commission and at the turn of launching it, we became Ministry of Budget and National Planning, and as we embarked on trying to modify that, another merger came that made us Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning; so we went back again to the drawing table.”

The Director also explained that the service charter “contains the mandates which guide the functioning of an institution” and had to be properly crafted and followed to avoid creating a vacuum in the smooth running of the ministry.

Nzegwu said that National Planning being the think tank of the government, related with every ministry in the country, and that informed the structure in the ministry which was different from that of other MDAs

“We have departments that anchor every sector of the economy; so, as a result of that, it’s very important that those stakeholders from other ministries including clients and customers that we interact with have the opportunity to see what we are saying.

“We will deliver to them and at the same time have the opportunity to give us their input of what they expect of us so that when all this is done, the document will be launched,” she said.

She informed the participants that the Minister of State, Budget and National Planning, Prince Clem Ikanade Agba, would present, when completed the validated document to the public.

Dr Francisca Odeka, the resource expert that worked on the document introduced the draft document of the Service Delivery Charter to the participants.

She expressed her appreciation to the senior management of the Ministry, alongside Dr Nzegwu, for the opportunity to prepare the draft Charter.

She said she hoped that the document would be of benefit to the organization.

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