FG to Adopt Initiatives of 2023 Africa CDC Youth Pre-Conference

The Federal Government is poised to adopt initiatives and resolutions from 2023 Africa Center for Disease Control (CDC) Youth Pre-Conference to achieve practical improvements in public health in the country.

Honourable Minister of Youth Development, Dr. Jamila Bio Ibrahim made this known while delivering her keynote address at the occasion held in Lusaka, capital of Zambia, recently.

Dr. Ibrahim assured members that resolutions from the conference will be adopted in Nigeria in collaboration with Nigerian CDC and the federal Ministry of Health.

“This is an initiative we also commit to adopt in Nigeria in collaboration with Nigeria CDS and the Federal Ministry of Health.” She said.

The Minister noted that the theme, “Youth leadership for a safer and healthier Africa.” signifies the strategic move to empower and involve young minds in critical discussions surrounding health guarantee in Africa.

She said that the theme echoes the commitment of Nigerian youth and all young people across the continent. “We play a vital role in active issue in our continent, and it is a resounding call for African youth to step into leadership roles actively contributing to creating a safer and healthier Africa.” She added.

According to tge organisers, the overall goal of the Africa CDC Youth Pre-Conference is to advance and institutionalise the
strategic engagement between Africa CDC and young people by providing a space for young people to critically reflect on the current state of public health in Africa, to share perspectives on the role of young people in public health, and exchange prospects and innovative solutions to enhance meaningful youth engagement in this area.

From records, the African continent with at least 65% of the population under the age of 30 has the world’s largest demography of young people.

Africa has an opportunity for the growth of the youth, but only when these new generations are fully empowered to realize their best potential. It is very important that young people are included in decision-making and given appropriate opportunities to work and innovate.
Youth innovation and participation in health systems are vital to building a safer and healthier Africa.

The Africa CDC Youth Pre-Conference (YPC 2023), with the theme “Youth Leadership for a safer and healthier Africa,” is actualising this to forge innovative solutions for health security through initiatives.

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