FG Seeks Collaboration to Address Electricity Challenges

Bayo Adelabu, Nigeria’s Minister of Power, emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts between the Federal and State governments to tackle the persistent electricity challenges across the nation. Speaking at a recent meeting with the Forum of Commissioners of Energy, representing 23 states, Adelabu highlighted the need to address the root causes of the issues rather than resorting to temporary solutions.

Adelabu stressed the government’s commitment to understanding the diagnostics and core issues affecting the power sector, signaling a shift towards implementing sustainable strategies. He urged State governments to seize the opportunities provided by the new Electricity Act, emphasizing its potential to promote unity amidst diversity.

Drawing attention to Abia State’s success story, where Geometric Power Limited operates a 188-megawatt generating plant providing uninterrupted power to local government areas, Adelabu urged other states to emulate such models with perseverance.

Moreover, Adelabu outlined plans to deploy mobile power substations to areas facing disruptions, showcasing the government’s dedication to addressing challenges promptly. He encouraged State governments to engage in distribution networks and bridge the meter gap, offering guidance on maximizing their investments in partnership with DISCOs.

By fostering collaboration between States and DISCOs, the Minister aims to streamline distribution processes and comprehensively tackle challenges at the local level. Adelabu concluded by emphasizing the significance of joint efforts from stakeholders nationwide in overcoming Nigeria’s electricity hurdles and ushering in a new era of reliable power supply for all citizens.

The Minister’s remarks underscore the pressing need for coordinated action to address Nigeria’s electricity challenges, highlighting a shift towards sustainable solutions and intergovernmental collaboration.

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