FG Reiterates Commitment to Transforming Healthcare System

Muhammad Ali Pate, the Minister of Health and Social Welfare, has reiterated the unwavering dedication of the current administration towards overhauling the healthcare system to achieve Universal Healthcare Coverage for Nigerians.

Speaking at the 6th meeting of the BHCPF Ministerial Oversight Committee in Abuja, Pate emphasized the government’s focus on health transformation, renewal, and accessibility. He highlighted the approval of a Sector Wide Approach (SWAp) and the Health Sector Renewal Investment Program (NHSRIP) as pivotal steps towards realizing these goals.

Pate underscored the importance of advancing Nigeria’s primary healthcare delivery through SWAp, noting that a comprehensive assessment had identified the necessity for reforms in the Basic Healthcare Provision Fund (BHCPF) and its associated programs, operations, fiduciary system of accountability, and public trust. He also revealed that all states and the Federal Capital Territory have committed to a remediation plan, pledging to enhance health services for Nigerians.

Pate announced the decision for the approval of N25bn to the National Primary Healthcare Development Agency (NPHCDA) and the National Health Insurance Authority gateways.

“Recognising the need for a more robust governance structure and clearer guidelines, the Ministry and its development partners are committed to making healthcare services accessible to Nigerian women, children and for all citizens, especially those in the vulnerable groups”

“The goal, in line with NHSRIP is to reduce the necessity for patients to travel long distances for care thereby qualitatively and equitably improving the overall health and wellbeing of Nigerians”, he asserted.

He further stated that the guidelines will be revised to cover health services rendered to the indigent population while aiming to reduce maternal mortality rates, out- of- pocket payments and standardised quality of healthcare across primary healthcare facilities.

Pate assured that for NPHCDA gateway, the revision will include measures to address inequalities, provide additional resources for state supervision, support frontline workers, ensure availability of drugs and commodities at over 8,500 Primary Healthcare Centers across Nigeria and strengthen financial management, transparency and accountability.

The Minister called on Nigerians to monitor the use of BHCPF resources through dedicated communication channels including an official email: and phone lines on the Ministry’s website to actively participate in monitoring fund implementation.

Speaking on behalf of the State Health Commissioners, Ekiti State Commissioner for Health and Human Services, Oyebanji Filani stated that “we are committed to ensuring that every Nigerian has access to good quality of healthcare services”

“With a focus on enhancing healthcare delivery nationwide, stakeholders anticipate tangible improvements in health services across the country”.

Executive Director, NPHCDA, Muyi Aina emphasised that “reforms in programme implementation are underway with a focus on incentivising primary health centers to provide high-quality care” noting that “our goal is to ensure that every Nigerian has access to the basic service they need”.

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